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Advanced Microsoft Project Filters « Office Tech Support – Project, Access, Excel

The help manual for MS Project is less then useful for deciphering how to do complex filters. It would be nice if they just addressed it like any other language syntax. Wildcards? Reserved words? Special Functions? Anyhow, below is a list fo some standard filters you may want to use in Project. If you look closely you’ll notice a few tricks to get around the inflexible nature of Project’s filter syntax. One trick is to use the IIF operator to evaluate a statement within a custom field formula. The formula sets the field’s value then the filter evaluates that value. Another trick is used for getting around Project’s oddball treatment of “Null” or “N/A” dates. To check for these dayes you use a built-in project function e.g. Projdatevalue(“NA”).


Trevor Lowing
Office Tech Support

Filter Name Description Flag Field Flag Field Formula Filter Text
Next Two Weeks All work scheduled during the next
two weeks.
Flag5 IIf(([Start]<([Status Date]+14)
And ([% Complete]<100)) And ([Finish]>[Status
Flag5 equals Yes
Late Start Activities that should have started
but have not or have started but have not completed.
Flag6 IIf(([Start]<([Status Date]) And
([% Complete]=0)),”Yes”,”No”)
Flag6 equals Yes
Late Finish Activities that should have finished
but have not.
Flag7 IIf(([Finish]<([Status Date]) And
([% Complete]<100)),”Yes”,”No”)
Flag7 equals Yes
Future Actual Or Deadline Activities where the actual complete
date is in the future or a Deadline has been set.
Flag8 IIf((([Actual Start]>[Status Date]) And ([Actual

(([Actual Finish]>[Status Date]) And ([Actual

Or ([Deadline]<>projdatevalue(“NA”))


Flag8 equals Yes
Logical Finish Activities with no
    Summary equals No And Successors
Logical Start Activities with no
    Summary equals No And Predecessors
Long-Duration Activities with a duration greater
than 40 days.
    Summary equals No And Duration is
greater than 40d
Negative Float Activities with Total Slack less than
    Summary equals No And Total Slack is
less than 0d
Summary-with-Pred-Links Activities with predecessor
    Summary equals Yes And Predecessors
does not equal
Summary-with-Succ-Links Activities with successor
    Summary equals Yes And Sucessors does
not equal
Constraint Not ASAP Activities not constrained “as
soon as possible”
    Constraint Type does not equal As
soon As Possible

Very useful...

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