sábado, fevereiro 14, 2009

Trip to Australia & New Zealand: Day 5: September 5, 2008: Blue Montains

Time to a trip to the Blue Montains!
Impressive scenery, I must say. In the morning we went to Scenic World, some kind of theme park on the Blue Montains, where you can find this, for instance:

But I will be honest with you: for me, the highlight of the day was the visit to this kind of zoo, the Featherdale Park, where we had our first contact with the australian exquisite wildlife:

After a long and fulfilled day, we were back to Sydney again. While looking for some place to dinner, we found this:
I couldn't believe that we had found a restaurant named after my home place! When I got home, I found this article on Wikipedia which states that this fastfood franchise was founded by an actual Oporto resident. But I found this hilarious statement: "Oporto specialises in Portuguese style chicken (properly known as Galinha à Africana)". I am Portuguese and I know for granted that "Galinha à Africana" (which translates to African Chicken) is NOT typically portuguese :) I guess that's not a complete surprise: I've been told several times that the many chinese restaurants we know do not serve actual typical chinese food...
Late night we went for a walk on the Rocks. Because of this, you will find one more photo of the Opera House in this set, this one taken by night :)