segunda-feira, dezembro 28, 2009

Trip to Australia & New Zealand: Day 6: September 5, 2008: Sydney Aquarium

Here it is: new post about my trip to aussie's land!... almost an year after my last post!!

One of my new year's promise is to write post more often :)

So, back to the journal: this was a rainy day so the visit to the Sydney Aquarium ended up to be a good plan. The aquarium is amazing, and quite bigger than the Ocenário de Lisboa, the only other aquarium I have ever been (which is also very good!).

In the afternoon, and since the rain kept falling, we made our way to the IMAX Sydney, allegedly the world's biggest movie screen, specialized in 3D projections. As a curiosity, as I'm writing this post, its current highlight is precisely the 3D movie Avatar!

As usual, here are some photos:


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terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2009

My bike is on Google Street View

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I found it near my office :) Click on the "View Larger Map"...