domingo, julho 26, 2009

Jamaica / Ocho Rios

This year, a very fond couple of friends decided to go to Jamaica on holidays, have a week of beach, sand and relax. Since they were all alone, my wife and I decided to become their guests ;)
We stayed on Hotel RIU Ocho Rios, a very good 5 stars, all-inclusive hotel.
Jamaica is a very nice place for relax... but not much more than that. The highlight of the trip (or, at least, the weirdest part of it) was the visit to Bob Marley's Museum, somewhere in the middle of the jungle, inhabited by rasta people - the "flyging high" religion ;)
Here some pictures:

Ecovia do Lima

Following the latest sport/fashion trends - at least I think it's more a matter of fashion than sport :) - me and my wife were invited to do a BTT tour from Ponte de Lima to Ponte da Barca and back.
It was indeed a good day. Here are some photos of the scenery along the path:

To anyone interested in biking the same path, here it is:

(You need Google Earth)

sábado, julho 25, 2009

Race of Champions Portugal 2009

2009, June 7. Race of Champions Portugal 2009.
I must say I was expecting something more, but it was fun nonetheless.
The worst part was the heavy cold I catched there...
Besides the races themselves, there were some motor sports' stars, such as Michelle Mouton, Terry Grant and Paulo Martinho:

You can also check it on my Picasa Web Albuns.


Since my availability to keep posting to this blog is becoming increasingly lower and lower, I will therefore just keep my posts shorter and shorter in the future :)
These are some photos I took on a short trip to Sanxenxo, Spain: