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Trip to Australia & New Zealand: Day 6: September 5, 2008: Sydney Aquarium

Here it is: new post about my trip to aussie's land!... almost an year after my last post!!

One of my new year's promise is to write post more often :)

So, back to the journal: this was a rainy day so the visit to the Sydney Aquarium ended up to be a good plan. The aquarium is amazing, and quite bigger than the Ocenário de Lisboa, the only other aquarium I have ever been (which is also very good!).

In the afternoon, and since the rain kept falling, we made our way to the IMAX Sydney, allegedly the world's biggest movie screen, specialized in 3D projections. As a curiosity, as I'm writing this post, its current highlight is precisely the 3D movie Avatar!

As usual, here are some photos:


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My bike is on Google Street View

View Larger Map

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I found it near my office :) Click on the "View Larger Map"...

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2010 MV Agusta Brutale Information and Photos

IMHO, this is simply one of the most beautiful bikes I know. It has only two problems: the price and… the fact it is quite unbalanced for a daily use L (lots of horsepower and no screen, for instance)…

2010 MV Agusta Brutale Information and Photos

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Hot new bikes from this storied marque.

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Site explora método que pode prever melhor resultado eleitoral que sondagens

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Compra e venda de contratos com base em previsões de resultados eleitorais é aquilo que se faz no site Alguns estudos demonstram que este é um método mais fiável para prever um resultado eleitoral que uma sondagem.

Interessante: sondagens por simulação semelhante a um mercado bolsista!.

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terça-feira, setembro 08, 2009

Ferreira Leite afirma que não há «asfixia democrática» na Madeira

E, com esta afirmação, conseguiu a dr.ª Ferreira Leite perder definitivamente o meu voto!!!

Ferreira Leite afirma que não há «asfixia democrática» na Madeira: "«Um bastião inamovível» e um exemplo de boa governação do PSD, foi nestes termos que a líder social-democrata, Manuela Ferreira Leite, justificou a visita, esta segunda-feira, à Madeira, terra onde a líder garantiu não existir «asfixia democrática».


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How 136 file sharers became 7 million

This is another damn good example of how manipulated are the statistics we see every day on the media :(
How 136 file sharers became 7 million: "Can we trust official governmental figures on file sharing? According to an enquiry by the BBC, the answer to this question is no. A recent governmental report puts the number of UK file sharers at the hefty figure of 7 million, however, a closer examination into this figure by the BBC Radio 4 Show 'More or Less' has uncovered the reality behind this figure. The show, aired on Friday, reveals that the figure comes from questionable research commissioned by the music industry. Read full story...

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Testing Posterous by email

This is a testing post, intended to check how Posterous work.

It allows posting to several sites at once – like Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, etc. – by email.

It looks awesome!

So here are some photos from Jamaica just to test it J:

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Posterous added as an official Send To location in Google Reader

We're proud to announce Posterous has been added as an official Send To Location in Google Reader.

Many thanks to the Google Reader team for the honor of being included in such fine company. And thanks to our users for being such great evangelists and telling all their friends about this new functionality.

So now you don't have to add a custom site, just click the button below and you're good to go.

Just testing a new service: Posterous - posting by email to multiple sharing services at once.
Sounds nice! :)

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domingo, agosto 16, 2009

EU Profiler

EU Profiler
Despite the facts that I'm not really that interested in politics and that this is a little outdated, I must say it is quite interesting: it's an online political profiler. You must answer 30 questions about current political issues and, in the end, your political profile is traced. Give it a try.

domingo, julho 26, 2009

Jamaica / Ocho Rios

This year, a very fond couple of friends decided to go to Jamaica on holidays, have a week of beach, sand and relax. Since they were all alone, my wife and I decided to become their guests ;)
We stayed on Hotel RIU Ocho Rios, a very good 5 stars, all-inclusive hotel.
Jamaica is a very nice place for relax... but not much more than that. The highlight of the trip (or, at least, the weirdest part of it) was the visit to Bob Marley's Museum, somewhere in the middle of the jungle, inhabited by rasta people - the "flyging high" religion ;)
Here some pictures:

Ecovia do Lima

Following the latest sport/fashion trends - at least I think it's more a matter of fashion than sport :) - me and my wife were invited to do a BTT tour from Ponte de Lima to Ponte da Barca and back.
It was indeed a good day. Here are some photos of the scenery along the path:

To anyone interested in biking the same path, here it is:

(You need Google Earth)

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Race of Champions Portugal 2009

2009, June 7. Race of Champions Portugal 2009.
I must say I was expecting something more, but it was fun nonetheless.
The worst part was the heavy cold I catched there...
Besides the races themselves, there were some motor sports' stars, such as Michelle Mouton, Terry Grant and Paulo Martinho:

You can also check it on my Picasa Web Albuns.


Since my availability to keep posting to this blog is becoming increasingly lower and lower, I will therefore just keep my posts shorter and shorter in the future :)
These are some photos I took on a short trip to Sanxenxo, Spain:

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Remember this awesome video?:

Pretty cool, hum? Now watch the "behind scenes":

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Trip to Australia & New Zealand: Day 5: September 5, 2008: Blue Montains

Time to a trip to the Blue Montains!
Impressive scenery, I must say. In the morning we went to Scenic World, some kind of theme park on the Blue Montains, where you can find this, for instance:

But I will be honest with you: for me, the highlight of the day was the visit to this kind of zoo, the Featherdale Park, where we had our first contact with the australian exquisite wildlife:

After a long and fulfilled day, we were back to Sydney again. While looking for some place to dinner, we found this:
I couldn't believe that we had found a restaurant named after my home place! When I got home, I found this article on Wikipedia which states that this fastfood franchise was founded by an actual Oporto resident. But I found this hilarious statement: "Oporto specialises in Portuguese style chicken (properly known as Galinha à Africana)". I am Portuguese and I know for granted that "Galinha à Africana" (which translates to African Chicken) is NOT typically portuguese :) I guess that's not a complete surprise: I've been told several times that the many chinese restaurants we know do not serve actual typical chinese food...
Late night we went for a walk on the Rocks. Because of this, you will find one more photo of the Opera House in this set, this one taken by night :)