quarta-feira, outubro 25, 2006

Eyes fully operational

quarta-feira, outubro 18, 2006

... And for my ears...

Plantronics Discovery? 640 Bluetooth® Headset

Impressive headset! Clear sound, a pack of utilities (such as 4 different adapters for common mobile phone battery charger), ability to charge through a alcaline power battery and... multipoint technology - which means it supports both my 2 phones at the same time :)!
Neat!!! (though a bit expensive)

For my eyes...

The LASIK Procedure - How LASIK Works, What to Expect

First "round" (meaning left eye) has been very painful!
I don´t have a 100% vision yet but, hey!, I still on recovery.
Wish me luck!

quarta-feira, outubro 11, 2006

... afinal havia outra!

FZ6 Fazer S2

It's not just a matter of colour anymore...
Now I've to decide: should I take the opportunity and ask for a major discount or should I take the opportunity and get an improved bike?

UPDATE: These are the differences